Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One Million Masterpiece

As I was checking my email this morning I found an interesting invitation in my in-box for a project called One Million Masterpiece. The idea behind it is that one million people create a square of art that will be added together like a quilt to make one large work of art. It is open to anyone, you don't have to be an "artist", though there is some truly amazing work on there. The project is raising money for charity and bringing peopel together from all over the world.
The thing I especially like about the website is that you create online using their painting program, and anyone can replay the creation of any piece on there, which can offer an interesting peek into the creative process.
I spent the better part of the morning on my piece, mind you this is the very first entirely digital work of art I have ever done and I must say, working with a mouse is pretty clunky compared to an aresnal of paint brushes!
The One Million Masterpiece Arts Project
On a philosophical note, I find it really interesting to see what people create when they are all given the same tools, the results are so diverse!

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